Are you about to have a celebration of your birthday or anniversary, wedding or graduation? It is a time for great initiatives! Your very own event can be a perfect reason to support animals who happened to be victims of the war. You can create your own webpage with an event, set the goal, invite friends to join your celebration and donate for saving animals.


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Why is setting a charity campaign with UAnimals a great idea?

Charitable Foundation UAnimals helps animals who have suffered from the war. We send food and medications for animals to frontline areas, and also evacuate wild, domestic animals and pets from under shelling.

In the Wild Animal Rescue Center of Natalya Popova, we rehabilitate wild animals – lions, tigers, roe deer, lemurs and so on, and later we search for new homes for them.

Moreover, we have a program of free sterilization of animals in more than 20 Ukrainian cities. Last but not least, we help Ukrainian shelters to renovate their facilities damaged by russian shelling.

Throughout the time of the full-scale invasion, we sent over 599 tons of pet food for animals who have become victims of the war; evacuated more than 1 000 animals from the frontlines, and sterilized over 15 000 animals. We also contributed to renovating 10 shelters. 

All this has become possible thanks to numerous supporters – Ukrainians and foreigners, individuals and organizations. Thanks to their donations, we can save hundreds of animals every day from hunger, illness, and sometimes even death.

Anniversary Concert Birthday Wedding Charity run Corporate fundraising Anniversary Concert Birthday Wedding Charity run Corporate fundraising Anniversary Concert Birthday Wedding Charity run Corporate fundraising Anniversary Concert Birthday Wedding Charity run Corporate fundraising

Your Fundraiser is a great opportunity to join the important event in your life with the mission of animal rescue. Animals rely on us, and they need your support.


Anyone. You can launch a fundraiser as an individual, an organization or a company.

It will be published right after our managers approve it. This normally takes one working day. We keep the right to refuse publishing a fundraiser in case it contradicts our values.

We will send you an email once everything is ready. We will also email you in case we decide not to publish your fundraiser.

This is up to you. You can choose the amount according to what you feel would work best. It depends on how many people you think can support the fundraiser and how much they would prefer to donate.

Any amount matters. We will still use the collected funds to help the animals.

Working in a transparent and honest way is our number one priority. We report about our expenses daily on our social media and also on our website by the link.

All of our projects are equally important for animal rescue missions. Feel free to choose the one that feels more relatable to you. It can be projects related to purchase of food and medicine for animals, evacuations, sterilizations etc.

You can spread the word about our organization among your friends and invite them to like and subscribe to our pages on social media. You can also become our patron or a caregiver for the wild animals of our Rescue Center through donating.